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Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Bhavana interiors and decorators is a most trusted company well known as Best interior designers in Bangalore. We are one of the leading interior designing & Execution firms in Bangalore. Workers are highly qualified and efficient to carry out any type of interior design to meet the customer demands and to deliver quality service. Our expertise in residential, commercial and healthcare interior design proved us as one of the most trusted interior designing firms in Bangalore.

Residential interior design

Best Interior Designers in Bangalore


We are leaders in residential design to both big as well as small homes that have specifically designed for villas and apartments depending on the client’s requirements and needs. Our residential design includes dining room design, bathroom design, kitchen design, living room design, bedroom design, kids room design, stairway design and much more depending on customer requirement. Nowadays people prefer to go with simple and trendy interior ideas which best suits their social and personal status. Our services are both traditional and contemporary in nature depending on the customer style and budget.

commercial interior design

Best Interior Designers in Bangalore


The commercial interior design basically reflects the company’s brand and status in the society. Our unique interior design ideas for the clients proved us as one of Best interior designers in Bangalore. People who want to showcase their brand image in the society through hi-tech design spaces and working environment. We have expertise in providing various designs for commercial spaces which include shopping mall design, corporate office interior design, warehouse design, stores, retail outlets, and libraries. We are famous for the good quality of service and we offer at the competitive price that is highly professional and satisfying in nature.

The interior design requires a careful evaluation of the space along with an eye for detail. Many people are under the assumption that interior design is only required to make a space look good. However, the applications are endless. Even a highly functional space that already looks beautiful can be made much more functional, keeping its appearance with a little help from smart interior design.

You can achieve that wow factor you’ve always wanted for your home with the convenience of functionality as well as an improved aesthetic appeal with the minimal resources through interior design.

Steps To Hire The Best Interior Designers In Bangalore

Buying a beautiful home is just the first step in creating the home of your dreams. Suddenly, you came to realize that your favorite sofa looks very bad in your stylish new apartment. To solve these problems and many others you might look for an interior design company or an interior designer. You expect everything to be perfect and there is no place for any mistakes. Finding the best interior designer for the job can make or break your home interior design.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when selecting an interior design firm:

1. First Identify your style

You may think that your designer may have a lot of ideas for your home but they do not necessarily have their liking. Your home is 100% a reflection of who you are. Take the time to browse through the websites such as Tumblr, Pinterest and interior design magazines for inspiration.

Display images of color schemes, interior decoration, and themes that the designer loves. This will give you and the designer a better idea of what you would like in your home to look at. A great interior designer should be able to fit your preferences despite your signature style.

2. Study design portfolios

Once you’ve recognized your style, look for designers whose designs matches yours. Find out more about them and study their portfolios. Take a glimpse at your work and see if you can imagine living in a comparable space. Also, find out how much they will charge you for their services and see if it matches into your budget. If all these factors are agreeable, you have found a designer.

3. Meet the interior designer

Once you have looked portfolios of designers, it’s time to meet them face-to-face. While at the meeting, ask a group of questions. Make a list of all potential questions so you do not miss anything. Ask them about the price, the estimated duration of the projects and also ask about their experience. many designers do not charge for the discussion. Give them a call before the meeting.

4. Establish specific budget

If you have a budget in mind, do not wait to tell your interior designer. This will assure that the designer does not stay beyond it. Tell your financial limits clearly from the beginning. Depending on that, the designer will choose the best material possible within that price range.

This will also allow the designer to propose changes in the design plan to include what is important to you. Also, keep a tab on all payments you make. Be sure to know at what periods the payments should be made before confirming the contract.

5. Communication is success key

Communication is an important aspect if you want your home to turn out the way you have outlined it. Building a rapport with the designer could be easy, but making the designer to understand your taste could be a little of a task. Do not wait to ask questions. If you don’t like the choices the designer does, do not be hesitant to say it. Chances maybe they have a reasonable explanation for it and if you still do not accept, you will have the last word on it as it is your house. The ultimate decision rests with you.

6. Update throughout the implementation period

Changes are necessary once implementation has begun. A team of site engineers, project managers, and the interior designer will be in charge of the implementation process and may request that they build a system where they will regularly update on the process. Relevant updates from the deployment unit will guide you through the process. Keeping in touch with them at each stage will work wonders.

7. Keep an open thought

you may oppose with most of the designer’s listings. It can be very difficult to agree on all the aspects of the design plan. Having an open mind and not writing down the designer’s ideas will make the process smoother. But that does not mean that you should respond yes to everything the designer recommends. Try to find a neutral ground and it will make the things much easier.

If your connection with the designer is friendly and you understand how the business operates, you would be pleasingly surprised with the making and possibly within the specified budget!

So, put your thoughts aside and make a deal that makes everyone comfortable and creates an enduring home that you and your family will love to stay.

kitchen interior designers in bangalore

Kitchens serve as not only a place to prepare meals but also a main gathering space in the home.

office interior designers in bangaloree

Create exclusive corporate space to display you are the best in your niche industry with the specialized creative design.

Restaurant Interior Designers Bangalore

Restaurants are places of good times and great food. The best dining experiences take place in restaurants that are impeccably designed.


  • We believe in listening deeply and understanding the client’s needs in depth before we begin to conceptualize. Clients are involved throughout the exercise and their feedback is continuously taken at all stages of the project.
  • We study the client’s requirement closely to come up with an idea based concept.We have the experience and knowledge necessary to develop functional units that fit your style.
  • We have a well-equipped design studio with state of the art facilities with the latest software and computer professionals.
  • Only top quality and qualified materials are used for interiors. Our highly qualified professionals give you the best solution for the installation of your interiors.